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컨테이너 마당 앞에 서 있는 사람

Since its establishment in 2017, Quantum International has been exporting excellent Korea products and introducing world-famous products to Korea.

In particular, South America (Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, etc.), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.), Africa (Uganda, Sudan, etc.), Middle East (UAE, Egypt, etc.)  region and  They have a deep relationship.

In 2018, we imported and sold excellent coffee varieties from the Coffee Belt (South America, Indonesia, Africa, etc.).

From 2022, we started importing agricultural products from Peru, and our priority products are mung beans, red beans, dried ginger, and sesame seeds.

We will continue to do our best to trade excellent products worldwide.

컨테이너 마당 앞에 서 있는 사람

​Business Areas

​One more step for customer satisfaction

​We will provide the best products and services through our global network. 

고속도로 다리
슈퍼 건강 식품
그룹 토론

Introduction of Korean products abroad

Experience strong global network

We produce excellent Korean products

through a strong global network

Introduced to overseas buyers.

Import of food raw materials

We provide competitive food raw materials

We supply agricultural products, health food raw materials, and various spices under the best conditions, mainly in countries that have signed FTAs with Korea.

National Market Research

We must find the best partner.

​We will do our best to find the best partners in Central and South America (Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, etc.), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.), Africa (Uganda, Sudan, etc.) and Middle East (UAE, Egypt, etc.) to make practical business.

​100% Peruvian green beans

in northern Peru
Directly or consigned
100% Peruvian green beans.

It has a germination rate of over 97%.

​Supplying to leading companies in Korea.

포도원 1

​Introduction to Peruvian Agricultural Products

We supply the best products at low prices through (Korea-Peru FTA)

Contact us

Room 512, 24, Songpa-daero 24-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

T. +82-2-786-9651 / F. +82-2-786-9654 / M. +82-10-3777-6387

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